Source code for capreolus.benchmark.msmarco

import os
import math
import gzip
import json
import random

from capreolus import constants, ConfigOption, Dependency, constants
from capreolus.utils.common import download_file, remove_newline
from capreolus.utils.trec import topic_to_trectxt, load_trec_topics
from capreolus.utils.loginit import get_logger

[docs]logger = get_logger(__name__)
[docs]PACKAGE_PATH = constants["PACKAGE_PATH"]
from . import Benchmark, validate
[docs]@Benchmark.register class MSMarcoPassage(Benchmark):
[docs] module_name = "msmarcopsg"
[docs] dependencies = [Dependency(key="collection", module="collection", name="msmarcopsg")]
[docs] query_type = "title"
[docs] config_spec = []
[docs] use_train_as_dev = False
[docs] data_dir = PACKAGE_PATH / "data" / "msmarcopsg"
[docs] qrel_file = data_dir / "qrels.txt"
[docs] topic_file = data_dir / "topics.txt"
[docs] fold_file = data_dir / "folds.json"
[docs] def build(self): self.download_if_missing()
[docs] def download_if_missing(self): self.data_dir.mkdir(exist_ok=True, parents=True) if all([f.exists() for f in [self.qrel_file, self.topic_file, self.fold_file]]): return def match_size(fn): # return True if the file is from training set, or the small version of dev and test set return (".train." in fn) or (".small." in fn) gz_dir = self.collection.download_raw() queries_fn = [fn for fn in os.listdir(gz_dir) if "queries." in fn and match_size(fn)] qrels_fn = [fn for fn in os.listdir(gz_dir) if "qrels." in fn and match_size(fn)] # note that qrel.test is not given # topic and qrel topic_f, qrel_f = open(self.topic_file, "w"), open(self.qrel_file, "w") folds = {"train": set(), "dev": set(), "eval": set()} for set_name in folds: cur_queriesfn = [fn for fn in queries_fn if f".{set_name}." in fn] cur_qrelfn = [fn for fn in qrels_fn if f".{set_name}." in fn] with open(gz_dir / cur_queriesfn[0], "r") as f: for line in f: qid, query = line.strip().split("\t") topic_f.write(topic_to_trectxt(qid, query)) folds[set_name].add(qid) if not cur_qrelfn: logger.warning( f"{set_name} qrel is unfound. This is expected if it is eval set. " f"This is unexpected if it is train or dev set." ) continue with open(gz_dir / cur_qrelfn[0], "r") as f: for line in f: qrel_f.write(line) # fold folds = {k: list(v) for k, v in folds.items()} folds = {"s1": {"train_qids": folds["train"], "predict": {"dev": folds["dev"], "test": folds["eval"]}}} json.dump(folds, open(self.fold_file, "w"))