Source code for capreolus.trainer

import os

from capreolus import ModuleBase, get_logger

[docs]logger = get_logger(__name__) # pylint: disable=invalid-name
[docs]class Trainer(ModuleBase): """Base class for Trainer modules. The purpose of a Trainer is to train a :class:`~capreolus.reranker.Reranker` module and use it to make predictions. Capreolus provides two trainers: :class:`~capreolus.trainer.pytorch.PytorchTrainer` and :class:`~capreolus.trainer.tensorflow.TensorFlowTrainer` Modules should provide: - a ``train`` method that trains a reranker on training and dev (validation) data - a ``predict`` method that uses a reranker to make predictions on data """
[docs] module_type = "trainer"
[docs] requires_random_seed = True
[docs] def get_paths_for_early_stopping(self, train_output_path, dev_output_path): os.makedirs(dev_output_path, exist_ok=True) dev_best_weight_fn = train_output_path / "" weights_output_path = train_output_path / "weights" info_output_path = train_output_path / "info" os.makedirs(weights_output_path, exist_ok=True) os.makedirs(info_output_path, exist_ok=True) loss_fn = info_output_path / "loss.txt" # metrics_fn = dev_output_path / "metrics.json" return dev_best_weight_fn, weights_output_path, info_output_path, loss_fn
from profane import import_all_modules from .pytorch import PytorchTrainer from .tensorflow import TensorflowTrainer import_all_modules(__file__, __package__)